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Top 5 Paid Android Games That Was So Popular It Sells Like Hot Cake

1  Devil Twins: VIP

- effectively form VIP -
(1) Essence throughout the globe + 20%
(2) diamond workers 50 (150 → 200)
(3) Admission to 5 PVP games (5 → 10)

Of course you can play the program for free!

Destroy everything in Makai! Hell first love a warrior! [Hell boy]!
"If I sleep you die." Hell Wizard Yawn! [YawnGirl]!
The story of defeating Makai!

- Google Game Features! -

- Game Features -
(1) Murder RPG Action without end! It was able to be enjoyed by only a simple touch!
(2) Conflict automatically and can overcome feelings!
(3) fight time fun with boss monsters!
(4) Become a powerful evolution hero of Infinite Power Up and often!
(5) Who is faster? Makai defeats ranking system!
(6) Call the devil and keep!
(7) is the most powerful person in the world! World Boss Boss with its allies!

2. Hook

I want to build out. It is a game like experience rather than challenge yourself. Menu not successful and just off. The natural sound and music performed by the Juggernaut. It has 50 levels and about an hour.

3. Dungeon Defense

I will create a Google community.
I hope you can share information about people by Google.

* If you are having problems with the touch screen, have disabled screen related applications.

Defeat all invasions to protect your dungeon!
Mon sters and keep weapons to make it stronger.
Enjoy a lot of different content, like "Building inventory, store different weapons, achievements."

To protect the last remaining camp in the world, you will become a guardian.
Heroes from all over the world come together to conquer dungeons.
Never miss the best dungeon!

◈ enjoy "Retro graphics and sound."
◈ easy to play, everyone can enjoy it easily.
◈ Enjoy destroying enemies.
Print ◈ mercenary organizations and seek cooperation.
◈ Prizes are waiting for each victory.

I am single
Download your suggestions and important to me.
If you have fun, please let people around you.

Two permissions are needed to manage the storage.

The internet is essential for Google Play services (leadership and success).
Also ask for permission to make a payment.

4. Samorost 3

Samorost 3 is an exploration and adventure friend of the E-Botanicula race and has won Machinarium. This is Amanita's ambitious game design experience to date and continues to loose Samorost and Samorost 2 indie.

Samorost 3 channel uses Gnome, a curious moment of magic flute, to travel through the universe in search of his mysterious origins. Visit 9 unique and colorful aliens filled with challenges of color, life and Surprising discoveries have taken place in the lives of fine art, music and sound.

What the newspaper says:
"Perhaps the most beautiful point and click I've ever played" - Destructoid
"The best adventure for many years." - I screen.
"Deserve Follow Botanicula and Machinarium." - Gamer Travel
"It is possible that the best game to come out of Amanita Design" - PC Gamer.
"The Development of Samorost 3 Invades Immediately" - GameSpot
"All songs are wonderful" - Gamezebo
"Samorost 3 is a living game" - Stuff

5. Geometry Dash

Jump and fly your way through the dangerous law foundation at this speed?

To prepare for the challenge of geometry, it is impossible to close the Dash. Push your skills up to the limit as you jump, fly and guide your way through the road of dangerous and sharp obstacles.

Simple contact with multiple levels to keep you entertained for hours!

Game Features

• When working at a pace!
• Multi-level with unique music!
• Create your own levels using level editor!
• Unlock new icons and colors for you!
• Rocket Fly, Overthrow, Gravity and more!
• Use practice mode to improve your skills?
• Winners and rewards!
• No app purchase!
• The challenge is near impossible!