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Top 5 Old School Games You Should Re-enjoy In This Era

1. Metal Slug 3

Blank 2D animated masterpiece, "Metal Slug 3" will appear on Android device! Use different weapons and ammunition to fight your way and survive on the battlefield !!

★ Not only the perfect port of the original naked game perfectly!
In addition, the "arcade mode" transforms the classic classic "Metal Slug 3" with "Mission MODE". Allows you to choose which arena you want to play!
Now you can carry over your favorite or hard to help you!

★ multi-vehicle statement slug like ace!
The bullets are back and torn than usual with people chasing chopsticks, elephants and slugs involved in diamonds and original slugnoids!

★ Clear all paths through branched map!
Map of the system to follow different paths from each play and unlimited gameplay waiting for you in "Metal Slug 3" !!

★ Strong cooperation game through the Bluetooth function!
"Metal Slug 3" can be doubly happy by playing with his brothers in arms through the bluetooth function!
Can you keep more difficulties to your friends?

2. PAC-MAN Bounce

BOUNCE PAC-MAN is just one brain puzzle adventure! Chomphet your way through snacks and PAC-MAN. Rampart your back home through food and cool. Can you cut through the garden stuffed garden picnic? Or maybe a candy dessert trip for some things! Skip to the final journey of PAC-MAN: On the wall ignore the Waka Waka obstacles in PAC-DOTS. Avoid ghosts, collect stars and keys to win!

PAC-MAN is back big like never before! Are you ready to hit back?

◆ NH Minng NETWORK! Women with more than 100 unique levels.
◆ world can! Spring your way through the world of 10 flavors as a delicious snack.
◆ CHNG ENNG can help! Dodge dangerous obstacles and enemies with the gang known for: Blinky, Ink, Pinky and Clyde.
◆ friends! Compete with your friends on your Facebook.

3. Roll the Ball® - slide puzzle

Download M 80 in the world

New Puzzle Creation Tool from Pipe Block Producer!, Fields: Hexa Games and Hidden Word!

Roll the Ball® - Sliding easy puzzle game, make you play it!

Do you want to play like this? cheer! Roll Ball® - Slide the Elements at All;)
• Slider Puzzle just move and move!
• Puzzle, brain stimulating fun.
• Maze Puzzle Escape the Maze
• Examine yourself in the brain. Brain exercise
• Physics puzzle, physics game
• Close -3 racing and easy to learn. But difficult to control
• Classic Game Retro Review
• Exam preparation and tutorial, completion Train your brain in motion.
• Close the family, enjoy the game with your family.

Move with your finger to create a way to move the ball to the red block goal, but the block tacks can not move. Are you ready to play? Download now and start troubleshooting!

Property features
• come down again
- It is necessary for adults with children of all ages.

• High level of
- You can enjoy the game enough.

• Do hours, hours.
- Play at your own pace.

• No Wi-Fi! No problem!
- You can play offline games.

• Other operating results
- Rotate moves that will challenge the star pattern and style to relax.

• Useful animation in the game:
- Restart: just start level quickly.
- UNDO: error? Do not worry, just bring it back.
- These are good friends. But it could be wrong.

• Promotion and Product President T DNG
- Santa Claus can send you gifts. Check inbox

• How to behave, no problem!
- Advertising buy (US $ 199), or participate in the program using the email advertising game.

• Android and Google Play Games
- Mobile and tablet support
- Support for both x86 and ARM DEVICES.
- Support Google +
- Google Play Score and Score Rewards
- CLOUD Saving: Your game progress is stored online at Google Play. You can sync games between your phone and tablet using your Google Play account. It supports advanced games, auto-save instructions. Be careful if you click on "save" or "download", it will be carried out simultaneously.
- Many games: Sign in to Google Play Games, which include basic layouts, lighting and rotation. Multiplayer mode. Star games are fake, easy to say, ignore stars. Beat other players around the world. Invite your friends and enjoy the game together?

• Move Google Play
- President Mrs. T's ques tion, Appendix Indexing

• Ball® slider design - slider, including banner ads, video and home slider ads.
• Move Ball® - Scroll through sales items such as advertising, teaching, free-of-charge classes.

4. Cut the Rope

750 million downloads worldwide!

Want to know more about the events surrounding the mountain? Comics "Om Nom" and other great videos from our YouTube channel!

The mysterious package has arrived and the little MON STER inside has just one request ... CANDY! Collect gold stars, find hidden awards and unlock new exciting levels in this fun game based on physics!

Game awards:
Apple Design Award
Travel Gamer Award
GDC Awards
The best App ever won.

Key Features:
- 17 rooms with 425 levels.
- innovative physics
- nature of love
- outstanding graphics
- The animated film "Om Nom"
- superpower

5. Cut the Rope: Magic

Abracadabra! After over 960 million downloads, playoffs with a sequel. Magic: Cut the Rope: Magic!

Join the adventure of Om Nom and make them come in a magical way to help small creatures love candy stolen by evil witches!

A grade new EXC FEC spot
- A magical world with elements of sound graphics and gameplay by Lao Sake's owner.
- Om Nom 6 How to be the creature of a magical journey.
- The level of complex bosses will challenge the ability of your cut candy.
- 160+ new puzzles

The miracle of accident inadvertently causes Om Nom in a mysterious world filled with puzzles and challenges for players of all ages. Can you use these new skills to solve the Om Nom trick and the wicked wizard's trap? The latest version of the entertainment brand in the world is a turning point in the puzzle of physics. The playoffs are bringing more than 160 levels of new worlds of magic, both full of fantasy colors.

OM NOM version TRANSFORMY SA miraculously.
- Mother Om Nom help birds soar through obstacles and potential pitfalls.
- The mode allows the child to squeeze into Om Nom, a small, narrow space.
- Mom can help the detour indirectly dive fish to grab all the delicious snacks.
- Om bypass the mouse to develop a new sensation that will help them spark their sweet appetite.
- The soul-form ensures that none of Om Nom's magical journey is that of him.
January Shapes, Minister of Operations, dispatches everything that flies

Not all - levels or more and will happen!