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Top 5 Most Useful Android Apps For Android Geek

1. AIDA64

Useful information material and software for Android-based devices. Device knowledge for Windows AIDA64, AIDA64, Android skills in data analysis, and for your mobile, tablet and SmartWatch TVs. Features include:

- CPU monitoring real time clock
- Screen size with pixel density and camera data.
- Battery level and temperature monitoring
- WiFi and cellular data networks
- Android operating system and with Dalvik
- diligent equipment and specify
- Usage and storage
- OpenGL ES GPU real-time GPU measurements
- Vulcan OpenCL, CUDA, PCI, USB device list
- sensor
- Installation, use of codecs and systems.
- Android Wear module: native application for clocks.

System Requirements:
- Android 2.1 or higher

Right column:
- ACCESS_WIFI_STATE - A data connection called WiFi. Requires AIDA64 connection permissions to display data such as signal strength and WiFi SSID.
- Internet
- AIDA64 camera requests information about the resolution of the AIDA64 camera image. No image or video.
- 21-43 Android: READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Called Images / Media / Documents AIDA64 requests permission to check external storage (SD card) and free space. Note: Due to Play Store errors, even the new Android Play Store. It is being asked to help even the AIDA64 unwanted license and not use it. After installing the app, you can check the power applied in Settings / Usage / AIDA64 Android, and you will see that this permission will not use AIDA64.

2. Android Utilities Library

The library allows developers to manage application privileges, a few lines of code and access to functions related to memory, battery, data network devices, and keyboard software.

Check out the complete library on GitHub:

Please do not evaluate or report a problem with Google Play. Please check your bug report here:

3. IP Tools: Network utilities

IP tools are a collection of network analysis, utility, and network performance. It helps to quickly see problems and network computers more efficiently. This requires IT professionals and network management.

This most network application utility is usually found on Windows or Linux. We will help you troubleshoot network problems easily or optimize your network performance when you are hundreds of miles (or like :-). work)

IP-tool interface is so easy that you can get in seconds to complete your network, find local or international IP, SSID, common BSSID, gateway, subnet mask, country, region, city (Latitude and longitude), information and other foundations

IP application tools that provide convenient access to network administrators and users often use their PC.

IP by selecting the network tool tool is as follows:
• Ping
• LAN scanner
• DNS lookup
• port scan
• Whois - provide information about their websites and
Router • Install directly from your smartphone.
• Traceroute
• Wireless Internet
• Connect to the system.
• IP computer
• IP adapter and host
•And more ...

4. CCleaner

Piriform, the world's leading developer of cleaning software and PC software, brings you CCleaner for Android.
Revive the channel, eliminate the monitoring system and browser you trust. As your own original device to clean the perfect program for Android!

The best and clean
● Turn on the phone and delete the safe junk.
● Clean Cache app downloads browser history files, clipboard contents to tray, etc.
● Delete call logs and SMS messages to old people or contacts under

Release Storage Space
● Upgrade your Android smartphone or android.
● Quickly and easily uninstall other unwanted applications.
● Online storage on your valuable device.

Ease of use
● Optimize your Android in just a few clicks.
● Easy and intuitive user interface is easy to navigate.
● Speed, density and performance with low memory and CPU usage.

Monitor your system.
● Check your CPU usage.
● Track RAM and internal storage.
● Check battery level and battery temperature.

5. Utility Tools

As the name suggests, it is a very useful app, very useful in your everyday life.
Power tool requires an app for the features of your Android phone, such as unit conversion, currency converter, BMI calculator and compass. QR code reading on the same roof.
Converter allows you to convert units in different categories such as food processing areas, digital storage, energy consumption, energy, pressure and more.
Currency conversion, which allows us to know when the currency is converted to other currencies.
BMI calculator helps us determine if we need to maintain a healthy balance such as it helps us keep track of the right weight for height, especially things.
QR code reader to scan and read QR codes allows us this feature can be used to read text, website URL, etc.
Compass features allow us to check the exact location. Compasses can be very useful for outdoor activities like hiking, boating, travel, adventure and more.

Valuable tool features useful
1. 5 important features in the boat
2. Efficient and easy to use.
3. Possible options for all departments.
4. Compass for direction
5. Scan the QR code.
6. Calculating BMI
7 currencies