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Top 5 Most Realistic Sport Games Available On Android To Date

1. FIFA Mobile Soccer

Football play has never been so exciting. FIFA Cell Phone New! Build and manage your team consistently and update everyday content. FIFA Mobile is bigger and better than ever designed and constructed for all mobile phones with a download size less than 100 MB - which means you can get involved while traveling.

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Over 30 miles 650 teams and 17,000 players are really FIFA mobile. The real football experience you do not want to ignore. Score big with your favorite stars from Rock Guard, free scoring pages and immersion in the most popular sports in the world!

Your Best Management State
Pick your favorite team and your way is a new way to get players and team building. Add depth to your team, adjust directly on the street, and quickly improve these recommendations before each game to master the art of rotating the amount of water in modern football. Make the right call and your club gets better every day.

ATTACK will win
The level of competition in VS ATTACK your creativity. An exciting action game throws you in a position to attack and have fun in your legs. Control the original size and control, and make your team a winner.

Live follow up
Connect with your favorite games, 365 days a year, with story-based content and games that have improved recently. A quick jump to a life that can be changed, delivered throughout the day, and shot and won the pack. Wire gauge

ONE related by
For the first time, participate in a perfect social experience contest that will help you join forces and strive for glory with friends and players around the world. Test your skills in intercontinental competition or choose the best players in the league in a league match to climb the leaderboard. Have the ability to communicate and send gifts as a World Cup Community Partner for you to join.

2. Madden NFL Mobile

GM's brand became your favorite football team and chose your NFL star and legend. Please join in anytime, anywhere with daily facts, online challenges, head-to-head, and new design contest seasons. It is an act that the NFL actually never sees on a mobile phone.

Swimming pool and legendary TOP STARS
Pick your favorite NFL brand and become GM. Download your team, too, such as Rob Gragnock, and now Antonio O'Brien or blockbuster, such as Jerry Rice. NFL draft experts are taken from the past and present by opening the package or through the auction house. Develop strategy of upgrading your items and leaving the field with friends.

Play to win your way.
Go big or go home in 16 games in a really season. Go back to the midfield and race for the final with new features or points. TDs run the path that is your favorite. Compete against friends and rivals in head to head and fight it out of the box of glory. Join the union, fit your priorities, be successful as a team, or participate in competitions and other contests. Plus, the challenge play expresses in the form of prizes for any improvement.

Upgrade your game activity on a daily basis.
Madden NFL Mobile Game Connected to the NFL Every Day of the Year As a print in fun, challenging and rewarding time, the time you play is amazing. In the case of life-time playing mini-games, multi-day sporting events and more - all depends on the NFL season.

Make Madden NFL mobile games go around and bring out the best in football right at your fingertips.

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3. NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

EA SPORTS NBA Live Mobile Phone Secrets! Build your team, dominate your opponent in 5-on-5 action, connect with the NBA, live the case, and sharpen the Blacktop court all summer before. Attract, unfold and your original basketball game on the world.

Just as GM upgrades your items, barrels, rain and army are increasing. Blackburn's favorite NBA superstar Ballers from past and present. Cut the competition's outfits and become a team to win.

Live live event
Fresh basketball games and even G.O.A.T. connect to the NBA throughout the year with new challenges every day. Point bonuses can not be believed in real races and broken ankles in season mode or head-to-head with friends and enemies. Work in the event of a life that will be the core of the loop all the time every day.

Games *
NBA Live Mobile brings the next generation mobile games into your hands. Drive to the hole or sink thirty from the city center. Rain and bad image because it is your job. Quickly jump over the second stage to quickly destroy enemies faster than ever before. Win home packs and you play and unlock special abilities that will keep your team up to a higher level.

Important show
New Product Newly Released New Season Blacktop Cam with Summer! From Brooklyn Beach to Chicago, Venice proves itself to be an anti-NBA and fighting against NBA champions. Do you have what it takes to do the best?

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4. Badminton

Badminton is a new sport, now you can experience the real life of badminton on mobile devices!

Badminton is one of the world sports! Badminton Badminton, Badminton Tournament from around the world! Make a crazy return to your competitors! Your name to the global leader board!

Badminton features:
- complete player
- Beautiful graphics and true surround sound.
- is the coolest character.
- 4 beautiful scenes, beautiful pictures
Badminton challenge


EA SPORTS ™ Step UFC®Octagon® for mobile phones! Collect your favorite UFC fighters, throw them away and win the game by playing live events related to the real world of the UFC.

Offer in-app apps, you can turn off in-app purchases, use your device settings.

Feel the war
Density of EA SPORTS MMA UFC at your fingertips than ever before. High quality HD graphics provide a touch sensitive control and intuitive gameplay, packed to create a unique experience for the fight with the fans. For the novice and veteran tomb campaign

Your best training soldiers
Choose from over 70 fighters in four factions and start your journey to the top. Ken Stevens of takedowns punches Superman from George St.-Pierre, the athlete of every special action suit. Win new rivals Won and upgrade ability - all while building your original UFC. Fight through your work and invest in training to see the rise of your abilities.

New Life Free Activities
Play some of the biggest tournaments of the UFC reality through live in-game games. Playing games for UFC upcoming events and special prizes in the game. The more you play the prize! Increase leaderboard and see an increase in spending.

Fight with glory
Climb the fence and practice outstanding skills, wrestling and skills during the show. There is no life or limited amount of money that you can play with always having a war on the side of others. See how you fight your best to collect and earn rewards in the game to dominate the UFC icon in the main UFC tournament where glory begins today.

Put the octagon and feel the war?

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