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Top 5 Most Popular Social Network Apps You Need To Try

1. Snapchat

SnapChat apps, cell phones and images were created by Ivan Spielberg, Bobby Murphy and Brown Reggie Brown, students at Stanford University in the past and were developed by SnapChat. Inc. Starts Snapchat, Inc. One of the key concepts of SnapChat images and text is available only for a short time before it becomes inaccessible. The SnapChat version for Water and Spiegel begins as a top class project at Spiegel. Stanford at Derry Is a key product designed to start "Picaboo" The idea is to create a natural application (app) that allows users to share pictures are not clear and negative. The transient nature of the image is encouraging, and emphasizes a more natural flow relationship. [6] When, in April 2011, Spiegel launched a new product concept of the class, a final, classmate oriented in style. The lack of integrity of the product can and does follow the idea of ​​a temporary picture. [7] Murphy has finally been put into the project to write a code for Ravens. Picaboo the first and only iOS app launch in July 2011, the application has been restarted in September under the SnapChat [7].

Initially, a snapshot of a personalized personal photo sharing. New formats and services, including the ability to deliver short videos, video communications, and audience information stores required by the newspaper, about better transmitted messages later. In October of 2013 it introduced "About Me", which allows users to compile images called "anchor" during their access to all their friends.

2. Facebook

Stay in touch with friends faster and easier than ever. Enhancing and sharing photos with friends and contacts and connecting with communities that matter to you.

The Facebook app service includes:

Connect with friends and family on your social media network.
* Status updates and Facebook uses emoticons to help change what is going on in your world.
* Share photos, videos and memories to your favorites.
Get notified when your friends like and leave a comment.
* Find local social and planning activities to meet friends.
* Play with your Facebook friends.
Backup images by recording them on albums.
* Book artist and lead your favorite company to get their latest news.
Search for local businesses to find reviews, hours and images.
Buy and sell goods and services
Watch live video on the go.

The Facebook application has more than just helping you connect with your friends and interests. It is also home to an organization of personal record keeping and sharing of your photos. It is easy to share photos directly from your Android camera and have full control over your images and security settings. You can choose to give the person a privacy or even set up a photo album for controlling it.

Facebook allows you to keep up with current news and situations from around the world. Registered reputation, brand, origin, artist or sports team to track their news source, watch online video, and catch up with the last place where you are.

The most important feature of Facebook is that it's available in desktop apps like time of writing, such as photos, navigation, all the right details, and your group.

3. Twitter

News and entertainment, sports, politics, and everyday interests, such as happened in the world where it happened on Twitter for the first time. The whole story Join in conversation, water, tweets happening in the world, and what people are talking about today.

Other highlights:

- Special online and exclusive streaming streams directly from your mobile phone account set up.
- Live with tap water or sit back and watch events happening around the world.

- Discover what you love about sports, news, leadership and political ideology of entertainment to talk about.
- Dynamic media experiences - like photos, videos and GIF
- Retweet, share, love, or respond to Tweet during your time.
- Develop a tweet to let the world know what's going on with you.

a survey
- Horizontal and startup modes are now more likely.
- Current research findings, articles appearing to date show the greatest activity.
- Capture and video
- Enjoy the latest sporting events.
- Understanding culture and entertainment.
- Check out this hilarious story.

- Find out who started the following you.
- Discover in your favorite tweets or tweets.
- Respond to post or notice mentioned in your tweets.

- Be private with friends and followers.
- sharing and other media
- Create a group that you follow.

- Update your profile picture, description, location and background.
- Tweet Reviews, Edit, Post and Give Your Media

- Get feedback on the following influential people.
- Coordinate your contact to find a friend on twitter or invite up now.

4. Instagram

Instagram is an easy way to capture and share moments with people around the world. Keep track of your friends and family to see what they are doing and discover accounts from around the world to share your loved ones with over 500 million people and announce by sharing every moment of your day. Everything in between

Instagram users go to:
• The photos and videos you want to keep on your main schedule. Edit it using filters and tools, and merge multiple clips into video.
• Share photos and videos. (As you can!) To tell your story. Make writing their lives and drawing tools. They disappear after 24 hours and will not appear in the table feed.
• Connect directly with friends and followers now. When you are done, the story of your life is interesting.
• Send your lost photos and videos and feed messages from your friends group directly on Instagram.
• Watch stories and videos directly from people you follow on the bar at the top of your food.
• Explore the stories, photos and videos you want, and keep track of new tabs.

5. Tumblr

Tumblr is a place to discover and register about what you want and join the community of loved ones the same thing yourself. It is pretty mess

Q: I can not answer as to Tumblr?
A: Photos, videos, live video, music and documents - everything is pretty much

Q: Can I make a GIF?
A: Yes you can make GIF! You can make it out of video, fireworks, live video, or just take a picture to the spot.

Q: What is the deal with "reblogging"?
A: That's how you can find what you find in Tumblr and make it your own. You can post another blog yourself. You can leave comments you like, others can do the same with your response. That's how ideas spread on Tumblr, and that's how communities form around them.

Q: Tumblr?
A: People are writing and posting interesting stuff that interests you. Cities, memes and movies like if you find something interesting about internet opportunities from Tumblr.

Q: Talk to people about how Tumblr?
A: A few ways you can comment on this post, or you can post a Reblog Tumblr and add one to your own thoughts or you can send a message. Even suitable for occasions.

Q: How do I know what to do?
A: Look for something important to you. We will show you all the content about the good and help you keep track of the money that comes with it. Oh you can see and we will make the best material from right to your control panel.

Q. Tumblr What are all the other people talking about right now?
A: What is happening in the world? The real world in the world of fiction is not a culture in the world of research, security and justice in the world of sports. No matter hello, you'll find popular topics in the search bar.

Q. Tumblr simultaneously?
A: No! You can fully customize the look of Tumblr, even the colors and fonts you use.

Q: How did people find my Tumblr?
A: Your post tag Tumblr is full of passionate communities of people who are constantly looking for new messages through about what they want. This could be your content.

H: I'm ready to download my deep thoughts and change forever. How do I think?
A: Yes.