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Top 5 Best Camera Apps You Want To Start Using To Step Up Your Photography Game

1. Bestie - Best Beauty Camera

midwife! Introduce the Buddy Apps application of the best camera app of choice by the top 360 developers, developers of cameras.

Real time skin effect
✦ improve the natural and radiant.
✦ delicate face and borders reshape
✦ adapt to the skin and reduce the impact.
I ✦ acne genius acne and tanning
✦ 100+ filters created for the self

Beautiful graphic filter
✦ professional image
✦ Different design and development for the situation.
✦ Each filter can be used to 1-100 degrees.
✦ Storing and managing your favorite filters
✦ camcorder time

Play with animation
✦ Cosplay good features easy rabbit, kitty, puppy, etc.
✦ makeup, costume, crown, jewelry and other jewelry.
✦ Facial makeup with fresh graphics and hilarious humor.
✦ Perception and face tracking technology on the right.
✦ fun back

Automatically all cameras in one place.
✦ Be fluent and manage yourself your best time without the hassle.
✦ The emotional camera helps you get a quality buffet in the dark.
✦ Book timer book after 3, 5 or 10 seconds.
✦ Optional touch screen and keeps your hands free.
✦ Angle filter lens and real time sticker, video recorder, shooting ...

Your intelligent photo editor genius.
✦ Quick fix to fix your facial skin automatically and adapt to your skin photo album.
✦ Mask automatically detected characters, white skin, smooth, soft, smooth around the face.
✦ Automatic detection of the eyes and help you zoom, weight, eye color change or bag
✦ Remove acne, pimples and acne and sunscreen is perfect.
✦ Cute and unique stickers to decorate your photo album.
✦ Magic switch allows you to blur the background decor or draw what you want.

2. B612 - Selfiegenic Camera

Number 1 in the list of files on the App Store in 52 countries!

More than 300 million people worldwide use the B612 to achieve.
Cashfiesta surprised cash arrangement.

By Daily Express fun sticker and good AR filter.
Make images easier and have many more interesting lives that are boring.

When video calls are over But that too boring?
Talk like you're playing in an animated movie that is played!

Your memory will be more.
Selfiegenic Filter Fashion Camera - B612

3. Camera360 - Selfie, Funny Stickers Cam

★ Best 2016 Apps in Google in some countries ★
Camera360 - photo camera editor and worldwide photography community with over 500 million users. It consists of professional editing and fun stickers and putting life, artistic filters, posters and a video effect. Photo Studio gives you all your photos even better editorial images and images automatically!

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- Facebook:
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- Instagram: Camera360_Oficial

★ Camera360 - Image editor included: ★
▲ Global Global for Creative Photography
▲ camera and camera DIY beauty
▲ Photo Editor
▲ filters can be customized and cartoons Results
Animal sky, Portrait filtering Intelligent, Magic Sky, Starry Night
▲ a mobile phone
▲ poster camera
▲ Collage grid image

Highlight ====== ====== Feature

【Global Community】
- social network to connect SHARE PICS epic life moments
- Explore the latest images and information about your interests
- find and follow people with similar views
- watch the video and share your favorite photos
- Comments and Like your

【】 Selfie Candy
- Camera perfect, self
- Step 1 is the goddess effecting since instabeauty
- Stylize your photos with filters beautiful home made cameras
Big eyes, lips, sexy, some are small and face ... Camera Selfie know what you like! Touch candy you have these features quickly and easily with us and get amazing results

【】 Edit photos
- Camera own tour
Quick Fix, white and smooth, brighten and expand, remove acne, etc.
- Photo Editor:
Set contrast, temperature, color, exposure, contrast, vibration, saturation, highlight, shadow and landscape
- Term:
Fade / crop / rotate, color balance, and tilt frame

Funny Sticker】
100 fun stickers to handle, such as a mobile phone, Smart stickers, face symbol stickers, animal pictures, music stickers, etc ...

】 The Fashion
- Art Filter effects and animations
- The Live:
Portrait Filter Eyes, Sky Anime, Magic Sky, Night Starry, Foodie, HDR, Sketch, and more ...

- Photo Collage Poster camera Creative & Photo Frame and Layouts & Photo Grid
- frame for poster or poster cameras, camera PIP our efforts. Many poster cameras are provided.

4. Cymera: Collage & PhotoEditor

200 million downloads worldwide. Cymera powerful photo editor and camera all in one place.

Create amazing cliparts, enjoy hundreds of filters, stickers, backgrounds, text features, emoticons, beauty widgets, hair and more!

■ Best for natural glory!
- professional crowd beauty? (Some soft)
- 5 steps to perfect your skin
- Apply for hundreds of natural wonders and filter effects.
Cameras + Cells Found In Intelligent Search Only, No Problem!

■ filters for incredible professional results!
- Completely natural 130 different filters.
- Special effects to make your image appear!
- Create your own favorite filter collection.
+ Download package
Cellfood, ice cream, and more are free!

■ Camera lens and silent mode
- 7 different and interesting camera lenses.
(Lens / FishEye / Lomo, etc.)
- anti-vibration, continuous shooting, focus, focus
- Silent mode wherever you want without disturbing others.
- A Bluetooth connection can be used for self-assessment to the remote bar.

■ Collagen and InstaFit properties
- Access to include different images (Figure 9).
- Background blurred with simple touch.
+ Share your hobby after Snapchat like Instagram, Facebook and other social networks to your favorite.

5. LINE Camera - Photo editor

The "LINE Camera" smartphone application that the camera gives you everything you need to capture and edit images.

Whether you shoot yourself or take professional shots, adjusting the powerful features will allow you to innovate within. Produce quality collage, add personal love, and many other ways of LINE camera.

Self: shoot with your camera inside Use filters and have fresh beauty in the real world.

Camera Features: Line camera along with timer, flash square glass range offers everything you need for perfect shots.

Filter: Highlight shadows, give your lunch overviews a tasteful look, or choose from a myriad of ways to highlight your image.

Add text, create interesting movie posters by adding your own slogan to your photos, writing memos or adding your favorite ones. Even if you can choose the letter!

Review: Picasso's picture of your choice allows you to choose colors and size brushes.

Catalog: Decorate your photos with over 20,000 unique stamps just waiting to be discovered.

Collage: The photo collage is one of many collage that covers and relives memories.

Share: Upload your kit right away on Facebook, Instagram or the social network of your choice.