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Top 5 Appetizing Games For Beginner Who Want To Get Into Android Gaming

1. Hungry Shark Evolution

Controlling and Hungry Fishes, Ocean, Crazy Ocean!
Safety is possible by eating everything and everything in your way!
Explore the underwater world filled with strange and delicious creatures!
Gather and create good emblems of white, shark, hammer head and Megalodon. Be the first!

Action with underwater adventures:

• Unlock more than a dozen unique sharks and other life-threatening creatures.
• Explore the free roaming world above and less than the waves.
• Enjoy 3D graphics and sound.
• Explore and take advantage of the mysterious creatures of the deep.
• To transform that energy into your identity.
• Accessories such great music equipment and top hat jetpacks!
• Find and collect bonus items.
• Sink your teeth into a more challenging task.
• Encourage gold rush to stay longer and score higher.
• Participate in regular in-game activities to win the limit.
• Challenge your friends through social features on Facebook.
• Attack, easy or tilt control buttons.
• Play offline wherever you go - no free Wi-Fi!
• Synchronize your games easily on your Android device.

Hungry Shark evolves regularly updated with new features, content and challenges that will keep you hooked.

Compatible with Android 4.0 and above.

The application download app allows you to buy gems, jewelery and can be used for upgrades and accessories. Diamonds and coins collected in the game do not require purchase or by viewing Treasure Hunt.

2. Subway Surfers

DASH as fast as you can!
DODGE train comes!

Help Jake, a tricky and fresh escaped from the disgruntled inspectors and his dog.

★ crush train with your cool style!
★ HD graphics and bright colors!
★ Surf the hoverboard!
★ Spray Jet Color!
★ fast lightning, juggling!
Challenge and help your friends!

Join the most courageous pursuit?

Unlike HD graphics optimization.

3. Plants vs. Zombies

Ready to pick up your plants soil in this fun zombie monster will invade your home. Use an arsenal of 49 zombie zapping variants - peashooter, wall nuts, bombs, cherries and more - to fill 26 types of zombies before they crash your door.

Offer in-app apps. You can disable in-app purchases using device settings.

Winner of over 30 games of the year.

50 status levels
Conquer all 50 levels of adventure mode - through day, night, fog in the pool, balcony and more. Plus, the anti-static wave of zombies you can in survival mode!

Not many Ghouls Garden
Zombie fight, pole vaulter, snorkel and 26 fun zombie death bucketheads. Each one has their own special skills, so you have to think fast and plant faster to fight them all.
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Like the special event E AVC
Be careful that you use your tablet as a supply. Zombies love so much that they will jump, jump, jump, swim and even eat plants to get in your house. Open the logs to learn more about all the zombies and vegetables will help you plan your strategy.

Fighting is strong
Some 49 factory performance, you progress and collect coins to buy snails, pets, power ups and more.

Grow your game.
Please show your strength with zombies. Earn 46 amazing achievements and demonstrate the zombie zapping your energy.

Need a coin for something new good? Buy $ 600,000 from the main menu.

4. My Talking Tom

1. Discovered in 135 countries! By your kitten and help her grow into an adult cat. Take good care of virtual pets, which is his name and make him a part of daily life by feeding him with him and taking care of him as he grows up.

Dress him up any way you want and choose from a variety of colors, hair and other accessories, decorate your home, and travel the world to meet other Tom Toms and Mini-players to be a part of life. Your daily routine

Feature Appearance:
- Play over 10 mini games: Bubble Shooter, Hi Connect, Star Hip Hop and more! Gold and fun!
- Nourishing Your Own Tom: Play the game with him, let him eat his favorite, tuck him into the bedroom.
- Collecting fare and traveling around the world to meet other Toms fill your albums with postcards from different locations and unlock clothes that fit the real adventure.
- Enjoy the mood of life: Tom can be happy, hungry, sleepy, tired ... his emotions change the way you play with him.
- Unleash Your Creativity: Create your very own Tom by choosing from 1000 sets of fur, clothes and furniture.
- Reward is Progress: Help Tom grow in 9 different stages and 999 levels to unlock new items and coins as you go!
- Interact with Tom: Talk and Tom, everything is still dark as you say. Caress, kiss and beat him and watch him respond.

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5. My Talking Angela

Angela surveyed and fashioned the custom: his hairstyle, makeup and his home - all while playing the glamorous mini.

With 165 million downloads ... do not miss the fun!

ANGELA used for children.
Angela is your virtual pet, and she is a great pet! Help her grow into a kitty style. From brushing teeth to shopping clothes - she is all you!

Her care
Angela superstar made her own! Nurture her, sing her, eat her delicious food, just look - she will become your best friend!

Good sense of style, shine, Angela says that there is more style of makeup!
Lipstick, eye shadow, US - update your heart! There are dozens of different colors and a wealth of creative freedom available; You can really express yourself!

Learn your health.
Surprisingly, Angela is unbelievable! Dress her up in the latest fashion and cute outfit, beautiful dancer from punk ninja! Fill the look of her perfect hairstyle too! More than one million different sets of fashion, you can create something truly unique!

Mini game games
Discover and play new mini good! Hello from Bubble Shooter Connect - all your favorite here ... and more added all the time!

And more ...
Unlock the special upgrades apparel to collect special adapters to a great home ... all while he repeats everything he says - in the manner of the old Angela dictionary!

This program has been confirmed privo privo security seal. Outfit7 has established a standard COPPA safety rules to protect your child's privacy. Our apps do not allow kids to share their data.